Passport By Access

Passport By Access

Access Passport is a web-based forms solution that provides access to the functional elements you need to remove all paper from your forms processes—making them completely electronic from start to finish. Using virtually any device from any location, your clinical and administrative staff can quickly access the right e-forms, collect information in record time, and capture patient and other signatures without printing or scanning. Once an e-form is complete, Passport can kick off a workflow process, instantly deliver the data to the people and systems that need it, track the e-form throughout its life cycle and more.

Hospitals have spent a lot of time, energy and resources getting HIS, EHR, ECM, ERP and other “paperless” technologies up and running—potentially costing millions. But even with a successful IT plan in place, gaps in data accessibility, mobility and security still exist if they’re printing and scanning any forms or using a limited e-forms product. Access Passport’s web-based forms technology integrates in a snap with all major healthcare technologies, so every step in a forms process can be 100 percent electronic.

From collecting patient information and signatures electronically to sending data digitally wherever it’s needed, Access Passport ensures routines finally can be free of paper—and its costs and risks—while supporting the mobile future of healthcare.


Regardless of your role, department or need, Access Passport delivers these and many other benefits:


+ Collect data externally, adding forms to portals + websites

+ Speed throughput with smarter, faster data collection


+ Capture information and signatures at the point of need

+ Enhance collaboration across all locations securely


+ Pull known data into e-forms so there’s less to enter

+ Enable staff members to focus on patients, not paperwork


+ Integrate e-forms seamlessly with your other systems

+ Get e-forms, attachments and data into EHRs quickly


+ Ensure data is accurate, verified and secure from the start

+ Mitigate risks and costs by collecting information digitally


+ Move to Meaningful Use Stage 2, HIMSS Analytics Stage 7

+ Automate workflow dynamically based on e-forms data