Patient Folder

Patient Folder

In today’s healthcare environment it is vital to actively engage with the patient throughout the duration of their treatment both while they are in your care and after their release. With Hygrade’s patient folder your patients will have a handy resource to organize important medical documents, educational material, medication information, and forms in one place. The folder will follow them during and after their hospital stay.

All your patient’s medical information in one easy to access place.

Benefits include:

  • All paperwork stored securely

  • Tab dividers to help organize and retrieve as needed

  • Completely customized with your hospital branding and information

  •  Handy reference for hospital staff, and caregivers after discharge

Features include:

  • Additional “My Health” booklet to record allergies, medications, side effects, and important phone numbers. In situations where the patient does not have access or isn’t carrying their complete folder, this smaller pocket sized booklet is available.
  • Tab dividers make it easy to find and retrieve all important documents and forms including after discharge instructions. Tabs are customizable and are available color coded.
  • “Velcro” style closure keeps all patient information secure.

Additional services available:

  • Language translations - Hygrade can translate your folder or any related documents into different languages to accommodate non-English speaking patients.
  • Store and ship as needed - Storage space at a premium? No problem, we can store and distribute to multiple departments or locations as needed.
  • Kit Assembly - Count on Hygrade to print, store, and produce kits on demand. Printed documents and folder components can be assembled and routed to users as required. Multiple language versions of consent and other forms and documents can be included.