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Banking & Financial Services Marketing

Marketing is a Dialogue
Are you listening to your members?

Hygrade creates results-driven custom marketing solutions for banks and credit unions.
We combine strengths in customer acquisition, retention, predictive data modeling, analytics,
strategy, creative services and production using traditional and digital channels. Increased
relevancy, in turn, improves retention and loyalty through crafting personally impactful

Have you struggled with organic new households? The more you know about your customers, the better your value proposition sounds. We’ve spent the last 30 years figuring out how your customers tick with the right offer to the right person, delivered at the right time on the right channels. Furthermore, it’s about reaching your customers where they do business – with offerings for targeted email, social,
display and SMS communications.


Our Approach to New Checking Acquisition

  1. In-depth market analysis
  2. Modeling to identify only the BEST potential customers
  3. Strategically-timed offers through mail and digital marketing
  4. Identify offers unique within your bank’s footprint
  5. Coordinated communication on multiple channels
  6. Response analysis and refinement


Checking, Lending, Cross-Sell – Does it work?

Core checking acquisition:

  • 40% increased market share over 5 years
  • 86% increase in net revenue per household
  • 2.7 additional bank relationships per household

Automotive refinance solution results

  • 400% average ROI, with 1.25% response rates
  • Average cost per acquisition of $96

Mortgage refinance solution results

  • Under $50 cost per $10,000 borrowed

“Most-likely product” cross-sell results:

  • Average of 9.5% direct/halo response rates
  • Direct acquisition costs under $50


Marketing Across Channels
Where data, marketing accountability, and technology intersect

With data from different channels working in different platforms, it’s often difficult to demonstrate true marketing attribution. Hygrade’s strategy only targets the customers most likely to respond, by cross referencing and appending social, IP and email data to your analytics-driven marketing list.

Print Management

Optimize your workflow and control your printing by creating unique pieces with our EZ Order online system, offering a full range of print and inventory management services and products. Our robust network of certified trade partners gives you access to a medley of solutions with just a few clicks. With our print management services, you’re no longer restricted to local print options; instead, we offer effortless efficiency and a new approach to increase brand visibility, productivity and to drive sales. Achieve the proper balance of preprinted and print-on-demand forms, which will reduce your costs significantly. Our clients average savings in excess of 20 percent.

Hygrade Business Group specializes in web-based online stationery and business card ordering programs. Our system streamlines the cumbersome process of ordering stationery products for multiple users and locations. Users can easily key in their variable information or choose from an already established list, review an online proof, and with a click of a button, submit the order, which can be routed for approval before being printed and shipped.