Become a Visual Marketing Master

Direct Marketing

Data and List Services

Utilize a Data-Driven Process to Reach Your Exact Audience

Providing sound data recommendations is key to every successful direct marketing effort. Offering more than 20 nationwide B2B and B2C databases, Hygrade supplies the broadest and deepest range of direct marketing data available. Our PII-based offline and online data assets enable you to reach prospects and customers through their mailboxes, inboxes, desktops, and mobile devices.

From enterprise-level CRM integrations to one-off list rentals, our big data assets and machine learning algorithms power successful direct marketing applications across a wide range of industries.

Hygrade employs a combination of data analytics and services that allow you to leverage a full range of competencies to achieve the best results.

Our highly customizable services include data-driven technology, enhancement, and hygiene services designed to improve your marketing results greatly.

Our house file enhancement service will append your data with the most relevant attributes associated with your client base, enabling the development of customer personas and other segmentation strategies. Optional enhancement features include fill-in data, which appends missing elements to your house file, and contact data, which includes an email address, phone number, and mailing address.

Direct Mail

Reach Your Audience Through Impactful & Memorable Direct Mailings

From the simplest printed piece to the most complicated, can’t-be-missed, time-sensitive mailing, Hygrade delivers with accuracy and predictability each and every time. Looking for creative solutions to get your mail piece opened and read? We can boost your response rate by providing eye-catching mailing pieces, including pillow boxes, tuck boxes, magnet postcards, seed cards, InfoSeal, and other custom-folded solutions.

Use special finishing applications such as lenticular printing, spot gloss, and foil stamping to make your piece “pop.”

Hygrade’s mail processing center features a laser-driven sorting machine capable of scanning, reading, and presorting. Our mail fulfillment team has unparalleled experience with sorting and handling mail. No mailing is too big or too small for our mailing handling process.

By incorporating intelligent presorting schemes, Hygrade Business Group delivers discounted postage rates. We leverage our daily mailing volume by commingling each piece of mail so that our customers receive the best postage rate possible.

Using production facilities that are recognized as certified mailers by the United States Postal Service (USPS) guarantees our clients a direct chain of custody with the USPS. We deliver your mail pieces directly to a USPS Business Mail Entry Unit each day, ensuring the most accurate, reliable, timely, and secure handling of your mail.

Omni-channel Communication Planning

Unify Your Communications & Reach Engaged Audiences

The omni-channel approach is an effective marketing strategy and a clear trend in many industries for higher customer engagement and conversion. But, one fundamental aspect is often overlooked with this multi-channel approach: a communication plan that provides a unified, high-value experience that resonates with the client or prospect across all channels. Touchpoints, including mobile, online, social media, email, and direct mail, are strategically and seamlessly integrated so that customers can interact with your brand when and where they choose, and in turn, increase potential engagement and conversation.

Permission-Based Emails

Build Trust with Your Audience

Permission-based email marketing is used effectively every day by many of our clients looking to build their brands, increase sales, and strengthen their relationships with clients and members. Permission-based emails are email communications sent to those who have requested or given their consent to receive them, unlike spam, which is completely unsolicited.

When done correctly, opt-in emails can be a powerful marketing tool, allowing you to communicate with customers, prospects, or members while building trust and elevating your brand. The trick is to provide valuable content in a strategic way. That’s where Hygrade comes in. We’re here to help you develop and execute thoughtful, effective design and messaging that yield measurable results.