Become a Visual Marketing Master

Direct Marketing

Data Modeling

Gather valuable customer intelligence with ease and identify the best prospects by market and product with our data modeling solutions:

  • Data appending: enhance your customer database to gain insights leveraging our proprietary National Consumer Database of 200 million names
  • Data analytics: leverage insights to improve relationship and grow customer base
  • Multivariate testing: test numerous variables at once to turbo-charge marketing test and identify strategies

Omni-channel Communication Planning

Reach engaged audiences. It’s as simple as that. The omni-channel approach is an effective marketing strategy, and a clear trend in many industries for higher customer engagement and conversion. But, one fundamental aspect is often overlooked with this multi-channel approach: a communication plan that provides a unified, high-value experience that resonates with the client or prospect across all channels. Touch points including mobile, online, social media, email, and direct mail are strategically and seamlessly integrated so that customers can interact with your brand when and where they choose, and in turn, increase potential engagement and conversation.

Permission-Based Emails

Permission-based email marketing is used effectively everyday by many of our clients looking to build their brands, increase sales, and strengthen their relationships with clients and members. Permission-based emails are email communications sent to those who have requested or gave their consent to receive them, unlike spam, which is completely unsolicited. When done correctly, opt-in emails can be a powerful marketing tool, allowing you to communicate with customers, prospects, or members while building trust and elevating your brand. The trick is to provide valuable content in a strategic way. That’s where Hygrade comes in. We’re here to help you develop and execute thoughtful, effective design and messaging that yield measurable results.

Smart IP Zone

Reach audiences anywhere on any device with our patented Smart IP Zone technology, an audience-targeting platform that provides nearly 100 percent online reach to homes, businesses, and devices. This singular marketing intelligence platform provides offline to online onboarding, campaign audience building, profile reporting, and data enhancement without compromising privacy through tracking or use of cookies.

Enhanced by hundreds of demographic, lifestyle, and buyer behaviors, our Smart IP Zone technology profiles and maps the attributes of every home, business, and device to the delivery points of the internet service providers. With this platform, you will have access to exceptional cross-device targeting capabilities, reaching qualified audiences across display, mobile, video, social media, IPTV, and internet radio channels.

The Smart IP Zone program is implemented in 5 easy steps:

  1. Upload postal zip
  2. Match data to IP addresses
  3. Append demographic variables to data
  4. Create personalized snapshot of audience
  5. Map target audience to media and websites they most likely frequent



GAIN is our proven system for growing new account openings by providing insight into how, where, and when to most effectively reach potential customers. Using precise targeting, data modeling, and successful direct marketing tactics, we provide a robust growth engine that delivers outstanding revenue results. Today, more than 250 financial institutions have increased business an average of 40 percent with GAIN. You, too, can expect:

  • 15 to 40 percent new account openings
  • 40 to 50 percent increased market share in 3 to 5 years
  • 300 percent average return on marketing dollars invested

Program Development Steps

  1.  Client data provided
  2. Build prospect universe, branch analysis current retail checking households, profile, market analysis and business case
  3. Build SMART® model and score prospects
  4. Develop offer, creative, multi-channel communication schedule
  5. Measure, analyze and refine


In addition to GAIN, we also offer end-to-end innovative lending programs:

  • Prospect screening, data, print and mail, email and targeted banner/display advertising, web-based financial calculators, and extensive analytical reporting.
  • Our proprietary, turnkey program determines best customers and prospects to target, matched with proven creative and a multichannel response engine.
  • Average a 350 to 450 percent ROI and include the following:
    • HELOC – one-stop Home Equity solution
    • REV – targeted auto refinance solution
    • MORE – one-stop mortgage refinance solution, which has lowered client mortgage and HELOC marketing acquisition costs by as much as 60 percent below industry average of $700 to $1,200 per loan