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Retire That Supply Closet With Hygrade’s Online Print Programs!

Hygrade specializes in diverse print management programs providing substantial benefits for our clients through our ez.Order online system. Hygrade’s full range of print and inventory management services offers the flexibility to fulfill your organization’s needs in distribution, print, and inventory management.

Online Print Management and Ordering

Hygrade’s full range of print and inventory management services offers the flexibility to fulfill your organization’s distribution, print, and inventory management needs.

Our system streamlines the cumbersome process of ordering stationery products for multiple users and locations. Users can easily key in their variable information or choose from an already established list, review an online proof, and submit the order with a click of a button, which can be routed for approval before being printed and shipped.

The Benefits of Using an Online Print Management Portal

Consolidate Print Needs in Multiple Locations or Departments

If your organization has multiple departments, locations, or sales offices, it can be challenging to coordinate the necessary print materials your employees need to operate.

In an online print management system, orders can be routed for approval and shipped directly to the end user. No more searching through the closet, cabinets, dusty warehouse shelves, or under desks to see if you have the sales materials or promotional items your marketing and sales staff need.

Optimize Your Print Materials Workflow

Creating collateral when new hires come on can be a significant challenge. You need to collect information, find a vendor to match your existing print collateral, and coordinate the delivery and receipt of the material to the right person.

Using an online print management system, you can optimize your workflow and control printing by creating personalized pieces—our ez.Order system offers a full range of print and inventory management services and products to fulfill your organization’s distribution, print, and inventory management needs. Our robust network of certified trade partners gives you access to a myriad of solutions with just a few clicks.

Open Up Your Printing Options

Keeping printed collateral consistent is vital for a unified brand look and feel. Often, this means being tied to a specific print vendor in which the different variables are a known quantity.

With our print management services, you’re no longer restricted to local print options. Instead, we offer effortless efficiency and a new approach to increase productivity. Achieve the proper balance of preprinted and print-on-demand material to keep your business functioning at its top capacity.

Reduce Overhead Costs

Ordering print jobs individually inflates companies’ costs every year, both monetarily and in employee time spent sourcing and delivering collateral, files, and documents to where they need to go. Employing an online print ordering system is a significant step to shrinking those costs.

On average, our clients’ savings can be in excess of 20%. Hygrade Business Group specializes in web-based online stationery and business card ordering programs.

Begin an Online Print Management Program With Hygrade

To learn more about how Hygrade can help you achieve success in your print management, reach out to us via our contact form or call 800.836.7714 to talk with a print management expert.

Online Company Stores with Online Programs

Streamlined Online Company Stores

Streamlining the management of promotional products across various users and departments can be a significant challenge. The traditional process of sourcing, packing, and shipping gifts to clients and prospects from your office is time-consuming and often impractical for busy professionals. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or supporting a sales team, the complexities of ordering promotional items can feel like a daunting task. At Hygrade, we’ve been addressing this challenge by providing online stores for our clients.

Our secure website allows easy viewing, ordering, and shipping of promotional items to your target audience. All orders undergo approval before shipping, and our services include detailed reporting, cost center allocations, and budgetary control based on cost centers. In today’s landscape, branded promotional products are more than mere giveaways—they are thoughtful and practical gifts that resonate with recipients, reinforcing your brand with each use. We offer a range of high-quality, brand-name items, ensuring that your promotional efforts align with your brand image and budget. Count on us to generate creative and fitting ideas that enhance your promotional strategy.

Online Programs Frequently Asked Questions

What is online print management?

Online print management refers to the use of web-based tools and platforms to streamline and optimize the process of overseeing and executing print-related tasks within a business or organization. This includes managing the production of printed materials such as marketing collateral, stationery, and promotional items. Online print management systems often provide a centralized platform where users can submit print orders, customize designs, proofread content, and track the progress of print jobs. These platforms aim to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and enhance collaboration by providing a user-friendly interface that facilitates communication between clients, designers, and print service providers. Additionally, online print management systems may offer features such as cost tracking, inventory management, and the ability to store and retrieve digital assets, contributing to a more streamlined and organized print procurement process.

What are the advantages of online print management

Online print management offers several advantages for businesses and organizations:

  1. Convenience and Accessibility: Users can access the online print management system from anywhere with an internet connection, providing convenience and flexibility in submitting print orders and managing print-related tasks.
  2. Time Efficiency: The streamlined process reduces the time required for order submission, proofing, and communication between stakeholders. This can lead to faster turnaround times for print jobs.
  3. Reduced Errors: Online print management systems often include proofing tools that allow users to review and approve designs before printing. This helps minimize errors, ensuring that the final printed materials meet quality standards.
  4. Cost Control: Many online print management platforms provide cost tracking and reporting features. This allows organizations to monitor their print-related expenses, set budgets, and make informed decisions to control costs effectively.
  5. Customization and Brand Consistency: Users can customize and tailor print materials using predefined templates while adhering to brand guidelines. This ensures consistency in branding across various printed items.
  6. Centralized Management: With a centralized platform, businesses can manage print projects, orders, and communications in one location. This simplifies the oversight of multiple print jobs and fosters better collaboration among team members.
  7. Digital Asset Management: Online print management systems often include digital asset libraries, allowing organizations to store and manage digital files such as logos, images, and templates. This ensures easy access to approved assets for print projects.
  8. Inventory Management: Some platforms offer features for tracking and managing print inventory. This helps organizations avoid overprinting and waste by maintaining optimal stock levels of printed materials.
  9. Enhanced Collaboration: Online print management facilitates communication and collaboration between different stakeholders, such as marketing teams, designers, and print service providers. This can lead to smoother workflows and improved project coordination.
  10. Environmental Impact: By allowing for more efficient print job planning and reducing the likelihood of errors, online print management can contribute to sustainability efforts by minimizing paper and resource wastage.

Overall, the advantages of online print management contribute to more efficient, cost-effective, and organized processes for businesses with print-related needs.