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Hygrade specializes in diverse print management programs providing substantial benefits for our clients through our ez.order online system. Hygrade’s full range of print and inventory management services provides the flexibility to fulfill your organization’s needs in distribution, print, and inventory management.

Lose that supply closet!

If your organization has multiple departments, locations, or sales offices, orders can be routed for approval then shipped directly to the end user. No more searching the closet, cabinets, under desks, and dusty warehouse shelves to see if you have the sales materials or promotional items your marketing and sales staff need. Optimize your workflow and control your printing by creating personalized pieces with our ez.order online system, offering a full range of print and inventory management services and products to fulfill your organization’s needs in distribution, print, and inventory management. Our robust network of certified trade partners gives you access to a myriad of solutions with just a few clicks. With our print management services, you’re no longer restricted to local print options; instead, we offer effortless efficiency and a new approach to increase productivity. Achieve the proper balance of preprinted and print-on-demand material, which will reduce your costs significantly. Our clients average savings in excess of 20 percent. Hygrade Business Group specializes in web-based online stationery and business card ordering programs. Our system streamlines the cumbersome process of ordering stationery products for multiple users and locations. Users can easily key in their variable information or choose from an already established list, review an online proof, and with a click of a button, submit the order, which can be routed for approval before being printed and shipped.

One log-in connects you to:

  • Custom business cards, name badges and stationery
  • Promotional products produced on demand or released from inventory
  • Print on demand marketing materials
  • Printed materials stored in our climate controlled warehouse
  • Customized promotional products search engine

Features include:

  • On-line proofing
  • Comprehensive usage reporting
  • Order routing for approvals
  • Personalized order catalogs

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