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Invoice and Statement production and mail

Invoice and Statement Print and Mail

Hygrade Business Group provides the benefits of outsourcing by developing focused data, print and mail solutions for your critical communications. With more than 25 years experience in this area, we are uniquely positioned to provide seamless solutions. We offer industry-leading processing and lettershop solutions that meet your business communications needs.

We can interface with all major software platforms in the marketplace today. You can post your files on our secure FTP site and we will program your data to fit your form. We then supply a PDF proof including the form and data combined. Once approved your form is printed, folded and inserted into your envelope along with any additional stuffers and into the mail.

Intelligent inserting options can tailor your message to each individual client or prospect.

At Hygrade Business Group we understand your business. These vital transactions are very time sensitive and are the life blood of your organization. Therefore our primary focus is getting your bills in the mail fast. We realize missing even one transaction can cost valuable revenue.

That is why we guarantee 100% of your files are mailed. By utilizing our NCOA address cleansing, CASS presorting software and intelligent barcodes, Hygrade Business Group enhances deliverability and tracking of your mail by identifying incorrect or outdated address information, before your piece reaches the mail stream.

Hygrade offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions: Tax bill processing, forms and commercial printing, direct mail services, postal optimization, fulfillment services and lettershop personalization.

Tailor your message and content to each individual customer. Our capabilities provide unmatched flexibility and accuracy that enable you to create tailored messages to each recipient.

Hygrade provides high volume direct mail and lettershop services with a complete range of capabilities including commercial printing, envelope printing, forms printing, laser and ink jet printing, and intelligent inserting options for an integrated one source solution.

Data Management

If you are concerned whether or not an outsource vendor can handle your data, you should be. Data is the lifeblood of your business and entrusting it with someone without proven expertise and secure facilities can be disastrous. At Hygrade your data is handled by professionals with more than 25 years of experience in data processing and programming. Our facility is secure and meets or exceeds SSAE No.16 (formally SAS70 type II) certification.

We have never met a data source that we could not convert, even if you run a home grown propriety system, we can handle it. Here are some well know systems that we are currently working with:

  • Broadridge
  • Beta
  • CRI
  • SIS
  • DST – Mutual fund backend
  • PFPC – Mutual fund backend
  • Phase 3
  • SEI – Trust Co. System
  • Credit Union System

Using custom proprietary software for each client we are able to sort, process, calculate and validate the client’s data. Once the data has been converted and validated for accuracy it is stored in a robust relational database. Unlike on a mainframe, all the data within the database can be queried and acted upon. This flexibility lets you look at the data in meaningful ways for your clients as well as for your business.

Our Data Services include:


  • Software development
  • Customized mainframe coding
  • Database design and querying

Data Integration

  • Extraction of your data from a variety of storage sources
  • Merge and validate your data into usable information
  • Present formatted information to clients and employees


  • Format, output and manage your data
  • Provide professional, personalized quality documents
  • Electronic documents

Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment

Today’s customers demand convenience and expect access to the latest products and services. Electronic Billing offers your business technologically advanced methods of communicating with your customers and will keep you ahead of the competition. We provide several different approaches to help your company move smoothly into the Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) or Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) arena. Our solutions will help you reduce or eliminate postage and production expenses, provide instant delivery and access to accounts and accelerate cash flow.

Understanding that a critical component of your business is providing customers with quick and accurate answers to their queries, Hygrade Business Group’s electronic billing solution gives your customer service representatives (CSRs) immediate access to vital billing information. Hygrade Business Group offers extensive search capabilities through our online platform which empower your CSRs to retrieve and view invoices in real time, allowing for immediate and accurate responses to customer concerns.

Who it works for:

Financial Institutions:

Account statements
Year-end 1099 tax forms
NSF notices
Daily confirmations

General Business:

Direct mail

Invoice Solutions

Our services raise the bar for high-volume document production. Our production process represents a unique combination of innovation and standardization, broad industry experience, responsive service and stringent quality control standards, all established to guarantee error-free processing of your transactional documents. Utilizing the USPS’s NCOALink® service your invoices are processed with the most recent address updates available using secure data-store technology.

Markets:    Utilities          Leasing
                     Newspaper   Telecom

Quality Control and Security

When working with sensitive customer information, we understand there is nothing more important than keeping that information safe and making 100% sure it is delivered only to the intended recipient. That’s why all our facilities are SSAE No.16 (formally SAS70 type II) certified and completely secure.

Utilizing the latest barcode technology (3 of 9 and 2D) we insure that the complete document gets stuffed into the envelope. We go 1 step further, employing cameras at the end of each inserter to double check that each document is accounted for and that there is never the dreaded “double stuff”. Anything other than zero defects is not an option.

Marketing Design Solutions

The Hygrade Business Group Marketing Services department is a creative and experienced group of experts and graphic artists dedicated to your success. Our team knows how to combine new ideas with proven methods to develop a marketing plan that meets your unique needs. They can assist you in transforming your transactional documents into comprehensive marketing solutions.  Whether you are placing a message on an outer envelope to alert customers to a change or developing a large-scale marketing promotion, our team helps you to maximize the communication power of your statement.

• Enhance your image
• Introduce a new product or service
• Highlight a special promotion or program
• Improve customer relations
• Describe terms and conditions
• Capture address changes or other information from customers

Your statement provides unparalleled opportunities to:
• Up-sell and cross-sell products
• Generate additional revenue
• Increase brand awareness
• Introduce expanded service capabilities

Statement Solutions

Hygrade’s Statement Solution enables our customers to deliver transactional documents that enhance customer services streamline back-office operations and help them compete more effectively. Whether through the enhancement of the customer statement, or the implementation of our turnkey eStatement platform, we are dedicated to delivering an exceptional customer experience that helps to increase growth and generate customer loyalty.

Electronic Statement Solutions

Provide instant access to statements, confirms and other transactional documents through our e-statement portal. Clients are notified by email that their documents are available and directed to a secure portal via a link within the email. User name and password authentication is required and after confirmed, clients can view current and archived documents in a secure environment. As you can see, this tool not only reduces cost by eliminating postage and production costs, it also provides a valuable tool to your clients which in turn enhances your value and promotes client loyalty.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced cost
  • Improved delivery time
  • Improves customer retention
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Brand reinforcement
  • Promote new products