Chief Information Office (CIO)

The evolution of technology has increased its impact on today’s healthcare system, and your role as CIO has evolved with it. Now, CIOs struggle with addressing one colossal challenge present in almost every hospital and medical facility in operation today: Big Data.

Data has increased in both volume and its speed of creation and the CIO needs to be adequately supported with smart, innovative technology to properly manage it. Today’s CIOs are looking for the strategies and solutions to remedy the Big Data challenge, and Hygrade Business Group has the answers.

Hygrade’s solutions offer:

  • Seamless integration to minimize end user education and the ability to support open architecture for application interoperability.
  • Security protocols support to minimize any chance of breach of patient information.
  • Strategic policy support for downtime planning and redundancy. Disaster recovery and continuity are two things you just can’t cut from your budgets.
  • Continuity services, merging multiple systems into a common platform of communication. Damage to an enterprise’s reputation far outweighs the monetary costs associated with these recovery and continuity services.