Chief Risk Officer (CRO)

The complexity of the healthcare environment and rapid changes in this sector calls for stronger risk function and management. However, a CRO must be given the proper tools to meet these increased needs, maximize effectiveness, and successfully manage workflow and efficiency.

To maximize the value of risk management in today’s healthcare landscape, Hygrade Business Group works with CROs to create tailored solutions that:

  • Identify of third parties risks: Does the application provide effective use of data analytics to help, rather than hinder the process?
  • Detect, identify, and prevent fraud or misconduct of patient information that can damage a hospital’s reputation
  • Ensures control plans are in place to avoid compliance challenges
  • Confirm that applications support levels of data security from technology infrastructure to business levels for end users by using trusted business partners
  • Provide snapshot view of enterprise compliance and regulatory risk that can be shared with the board as a comprehensive report